About us

We believe that maker pedagogy has the power to transform education and bridge the gap between education and the labour market. We started in 2015 as a small group of professionals with the common conviction that makerspaces are the key to the future of education. They are places where children gain relevant skills and find their strengths. Since then we have grown to a team of 16 engineers, teachers, maker educators, gamification experts, and innovators; all devoted to the mission of bringing maker education to as many kids as possible.

Maker's Red Box team

Why the box?

We have been testing our evolving methodology with over 10 000 kids, 300 teachers and assisted at the creation of 20 school makerspaces. We have received a lot of positive feedback and learned a great deal in the process. It became clear that although education technology is booming, having these modern tools is only half the battle; guidance and inspiration should be provided to the teachers so they can fully utilize them. This is what lead us to make our curriculums widely accessible and create the first Maker’s Red Boxes.

Green Engineers Unboxed

Benefits of maker education

  • Teachers no longer have to compete with mobile screens for kids' attention

  • Children can work independently towards their goals while gaining indispensable skills

  • They can create complex personalised objects that really work

  • They learn to deal with failure

About the maker movement

We owe a great deal to the maker movement that started out as scattered community places where likeminded individuals came together to share and build their own digital machinery. Since then it has evolved into much more as Dale Dougherty the godfather of the maker movement stated:

Institutions should look to the maker movement for tips on how to create an ecosystem of talent, connections, and learning that will lead to a truly innovative economy and society.


Download our eBook on maker education!

We’d love to share the insight we have gained in the past five years experimenting with it. Read Unleash the power of maker education: a guide for teachers. The English language ebook contains ten questions about getting started with maker education, all answered.