From foster care to superheroesEmpowering disadvantaged children with Maker’s Red Box

2023. 06. 29. 10:45

We have witnessed the transformative power of story-driven education firsthand with over 400 disadvantaged children taking part in our program supported by 

In a short period, the participating pupils not only caught up but excelled, immersing themselves in designing their sustainable cities and superheroes in our workshops. Their journey was inspiring as they made remarkable strides in developing crucial social, digital, and technical skills in such a short amount of time. Their motivation soared as they saw their creations come to life, providing them with tangible proof of their abilities.


Several of the children have been diagnosed with some kind of learning disability. These kids, without exception, created such wonderful things that if someone were to peek into the room while the group was working or looked at the children’s creations, they wouldn’t have been able to tell which of the participants had such a diagnosis.” – told us Zsuzsa Lovas, senior advisor of Edtech Hungary.

What made this program even more impactful is its positive effect on their self-confidence and collaboration skills. Many of these children tend to have low self-esteem, but with the aid of our course materials, they started believing in themselves and their potential. This program has opened their eyes to a world of possibilities. Experiencing the feeling of achievement in science and tech motivated them to think about choosing STEAM-related career paths. This program has proven itself to be a true testimony of how effective our course material can be in the mission to bridge the educational divide.

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