It’s official: Maker’s Red Box rated “excellent” by Education Alliance Finland

Maker's Red Box 2021. 08. 09. 15:06

On the heels of having been selected as a Google Impact Challenge grant recipient, we’re thrilled to share that our Green Engineers course materials have just been rated “excellent” at 92% by Education Alliance Finland. We’re extremely proud to be among the first in Hungary to receive such a glowing review from the Finnish certification company. Not to mention reassured in our belief that our educational products meet the highest international standards and can greatly contribute to the development of key 21st-century skills.

Education Alliance Finland, Europe’s premier independent certification company for educational products and services, recognizes learning solutions that embrace the latest pedagogical developments in terms of both content and methodology.

Besides pedagogical effectiveness at an exceptional 92%, our Green Engineers course materials have also been found “very motivating” with learning engagement rated 4.2 out of 5.

With a focus on students’ strengths and positive engagement, EAF says, the materials create an atmosphere that fosters the exploration and sharing of learners’ own ideas.

How does Maker’s Red Box meet tomorrow’s challenges in today’s classrooms?

There’s an ever-growing pressure on education systems to create value, both for societies and for economies, across the globe. More often than not, however, traditional educational institutions fail to engage students and teach them the hard and soft skills today’s employers are looking for. EAF evaluates learning solutions with these very expectations in mind – and acknowledges only those who blaze the trail in educational innovation. Maker’s Red Box’s outstanding results testify to the fact that it not only aligns with curricular requirements but also equips children with transferable, future-proof competencies.


The review has concluded that Green Engineers fully meets the learning requirements laid down in the natural science curriculum of both the United States and the United Kingdom. What’s more, EAF experts have also evaluated our other two course materials, Superheroes – Digital Storytelling and The City of the Future, and have arrived at the same conclusion. Meaning that all three of our currently available educational products keep abreast of the latest educational requirements and effectively support teachers and students alike in achieving key learning objectives.

In a nutshell: key EAF conclusions

  • The overarching story is an absolute strength, tying fiction, pop culture and creativity to motivating, real-life challenges.
  • Students have an active role while using the product as making and collaboration are key to successfully carrying out tasks as a group.
  • The tasks promote both creative and practical work, and there is a good balance of story, theory, discussion and actual making.
  • There is also a good focus on teacher training, with instructions and tips on how to give positive feedback and encourage learners to move forward.
  • The materials allow students to use their creativity and imagination and give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • The course supports children in acquiring new skills through creative tasks and using their existing knowledge to solve open-ended problems.


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Education Alliance Finland: improving the learning experience one review at a time

Education Alliance Finland is a leading global certification company that evaluates educational solutions in terms of pedagogical design, following the principles of educational psychology. Their mission is to promote the most innovative and most effective products and services for educators and educational institutions. The assessments are carried out by Finnish pedagogy experts and researchers, with a focus on the strengths and development areas of each product in three key areas: learning goals, pedagogical approach and usability. For the full list of EAF-certified educational solutions, visit their website.

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