Sammonlahti School turns students into superheroes and STEM knowledge into a superpower

Maker's Red Box 2022. 08. 31. 12:24

A Finnish secondary school finds new ways to leverage technology resources and foster an appreciation for STEM fields in children and teachers alike combining storytelling with EdTech tools.

Over the past few years, Sammonlahti School has made major technology investments to promote hands-on learning and develop hard skills in children, such as 3D printing, wood and metal working as well as soldering.  However, they soon realised that having the right technology was only half the story.

In 2020, Olli-Jussi Rissanen and Riika Rissanen, both teachers at Sammonlahti School, found themselves looking for an education programme that provides students with new challenges and the school with opportunities to make better use of available technology resources. What the school really needed was a comprehensive programme that is both pedagogically sound and able to draw in students of all backgrounds and interests.

Click on the picture to read our case study on the project:

Sammonlahti School Maker's Red Box Case Study Front Page

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