Cultivating STEAM education worldwide – New language versions of Maker’s Red Box are available

2023. 08. 29. 15:46

Our City of the Future course materials have been translated to Dutch, German, French and Romanian. In addition to the original English and Hungarian products, these 4 new language versions allowed us to enter new markets and connect with new partners from around the world. Looking into the future, there are more language version developments in line and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Striving for effortless adaptation

While designing Maker’s Red Box course materials, we put adaptability as one of the primary focuses. Closely surveying educational trends from around the world, we know that EdTech products cannot reform educational systems or add value to them on their own. They need proper adaptation. UNESCO’s latest report on educational technology confirms that standpoint. Poor adaptation usually occurs as a result of inadequate teacher training or lack of awareness. Furthermore, due to language barriers, most of the new technologies are just simply inaccessible to the majority of the users on the market. We firmly believe that by translating and tailoring our products’ wording to the destination country’s language and linguistic culture, end users can have an accessible and more enjoyable educational experience.

City of the Future in French

Everything gets translated

We want to support teachers through their entire Maker’s Red Box adventure. From the Teacher’s guide through the website, all the way to the registration platform, every single step of the client’s journey is now available in the 6 languages mentioned above.

Lesson plans in Dutch

Expansion is underway in both directions

With our Western European distributor Distribold, and with other partners in different regions we constantly monitor which countries could be a good fit for us. Deciding on the new language versions is heavily influenced by their extensive knowledge and surveying in target countries. Ideally, we are looking for an educational market that is eager and ready to bring new EdTech products to the country’s educational system. These can be countries where teachers and schools have already been tinkering with EdTech inventions for a while, but they need new, more complex educational resources. Countries with little STEAM education experience can also greatly benefit from a product that includes extensive teacher guidance and upskilling. Currently, we have 20 partners in 13 different countries who all fit into this group. If you’d like to learn more about them, make sure you check out our brand-new partner page here.

Colleagues from Distribold with one of the new language versions (Dutch)

Back to school with new languages and pilots

After successfully signing with MAC Edukacja in Poland and Klett in Bulgaria, we are currently working on both the Polish and Bulgarian language versions of the City of the Future course materials. Looking into the future, we aim to keep adding new translations to our product range. Two of the potential future translations are Slovenian and Lithuanian, but we have been receiving interest from Spain, Denmark and Italy for their language versions as well.

We are kicking off the new school year with two pilot programs. One in Estonia, and another one in the United Arab Emirates, where 6 schools are going to participate in our program.

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We’d love to share the insight we have gained in the past five years experimenting with it. Read Unleash the power of maker education: a guide for teachers. The English language ebook contains ten questions about getting started with maker education, all answered.