9 use cases for Maker’s Red Box – Serving educators, students and institutions across the globe

2023. 12. 07. 11:21

Is your school looking for STEAM educational resources? Are you a teacher seeking support to integrate EdTech tools into your classroom? Is your company on the lookout for social responsibility programs with an impact? Discover the various implementations of Maker’s Red Box through the eyes of educators from around the globe. Find the scenario that matches your educational environment and learn how Maker’s Red Box can meet your unique needs.


Fuelling IB schools with STEAM educational resources

Thanks to the wide range of skills our courses develop, aligning our product with your local curriculum has never been easier. Lies Warlop, a Visual Arts & Design Teacher at Budapest British International School chose us because she was looking for STEAM-based lessons that were more design-oriented. It was a match made in heaven, especially because Maker’s Red Box courses also comply with the IB (international baccalaureate) curriculum requirements. As the City of the Future course naturally follows the MYP (middle years programme) design cycle, it is easy to align it with IB expectations. Our courses are not only aligned with IB standards, but they are also mapped to the NGSS and the UK National Curriculum.

City of the Future pilot at Budapest British International School, Hungary

Language teaching through out-of-the-box courses for bilingual schools

The Kőrösi Csoma Bilingual Baptist High School in Budapest, Hungary implemented MRB in their language preparatory grade as a tool to teach English after a pilot camp led by directing teacher Mónika Szenes. Our course materials from Teacher’s Guides to the tiniest component with a text are translated to 7 different languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian) with 2 new languages coming up, therefore, we can only hope that users will begin to use them to learn other languages than English as well!

Schools in pursuit of inclusive, differentiated teaching

SJABI Puurs (Sint-Jan Berchmansinstituut) used Maker’s Red Box to create a motivating cross-curricular STEAM learning environment for children of general and vocational secondary education. At this school STEM subjects are taught in mixed groups, meaning students bring vastly different skills and learning abilities to the classroom. Teachers must find ways to engage them all the same – and do so with little guidance received and our course material had proven to aid just that! MRB allows students to take part in exercises equally regardless of their learning abilities and let their imagination roam freely through creative design exercises such as 3D printing, modelling or laser cutting.


Upskilling educators who aim to keep up with education technology

Maker’s Red Box course materials are not only designed to engage kids with STEAM activities, but also upskill teachers to help them utilize EdTech tools for skill development. Our most recent educator upskilling program took place in Tiszabura, Hungary earlier this year where we deployed our Superheroes course in a 6-occasion program. Teachers from the MMSZ Tiszabura primary school had the chance to learn how to program Micro:bits, design in Inkscape, craft story boxes and develop logos in Tinkercad while going through the Superheroes course.

Supplying experts and education centres looking for future-proof skill development courses

“The pedagogical aspect of Maker’s Red Box is something we really loved” – says Porbjörg ST. Porsteinsdóttir, director of Mixtúra, Center for Creativity and Educational Technology for Reykjavik’s Department of Education and Youth. Their goal was to find a practical, skill-development focused EdTech product that can be widely implemented across several schools at the same time. Now Mixtúra uses our course materials to empower Reykjavík schools to cultivate future-proof skills.


Education-focused CSR opportunities for companies

Partnering up with companies like Google.org makes us able to extend our reach and help children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds by empowering them through skill-building courses. During our collaboration with Huawei’s Women in Tech program, we conducted courses to promote fields such as engineering and IT amongst young women. Participants from both projects reported that the course opened their eyes to opportunities they had never imagined pursuing before.

City of the Future hexas being built during Huawei’s Women in Tech program

Schools looking for out-of-classroom STEAM activities

Many schools are not equipped to hold STEAM courses due to the lack of tools. Rákóczy Ferenc II. High School uses our city of the Future course to cover biology and geography classes in one of our makerspaces, while also putting a lot of focus into groupwork, pair work, responsible task management and self-development. House of Children, an institution focusing on differentiated teaching and alternative pedagogical approaches conducted MRB project weeks with 20+ person groups in out-of-school learning spaces. It was a perfect fit because our methodology lined up with their pedagogical goals and expectations regarding the program.

SJABI Puurs school using MRB for the first time in Puurs-Sint-Amands, Belgium

Schools looking for career orientation programmes

In today’s heavily digitalized world we need to equip students with relevant digital and technical skills which they can apply efficiently once they enter the labour force. We believe that education must evolve and adapt in correspondence to technology, otherwise students could face immense difficulties once they begin to work. Maker’s Red Box course materials have been designed with a skill matrix in focus that ticks all the boxes when it comes to acquiring these essential skills. Not only can you measure the students’ progress in each skillset, but you also get to empower them to find a career path, that they might have never had the courage to choose by themselves!


Makerspace teachers looking for resources

Dr Sayed Mahmoud, a maker pedagogy expert and makerspace director from the Al-Bayan Bilingual High School in Kuwait has been experimenting with several EdTech solutions through the years. He was extremely happy to find a multi-occasion course material that can serve as the backbone of his STEAM/STEM classes: “To have a real makerspace, you need three elements. You need people to work there, a place and tools, and a course material.”

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